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Every year, as fall approaches, you know that leaf cleanup is imminent. Leaves—which make your trees look so beautiful—can quickly become the bane of your existence once they start falling!

If you have a lot of trees, it might even feel as though you can’t keep up. You really don’t want to spend your weekends raking. You’d rather be watching football, going for a hike or bike ride, and just spending time with friends and family. But you don’t want your yard to be a mess, either.

That’s why you might be considering your leaf cleanup options.

We’ve rounded up some helpful tips so that you can make an educated decision on what’s best for you.

1. Fallen Leaves Can Cause Actual Harm to Your Property

Although most people think of leaves in terms of aesthetics, in reality, fallen leaves can cause harm if left on your lawn. When not cleared in a timely manner, a thick or matted layer of fallen leaves can block sunlight from the lawn and actually begin to kill it.

This is particularly true if you have brand-new seedlings after having an aeration and overseeding service performed. That new grass can easily be suffocated by a layer of leaves blocking not only the access to the sun and water, but to airflow, too.
Bare spots in lawn from leaves building up
A lot of homeowners are surprised to learn that decomposing and decaying leaves left lying on the lawn can also become the ideal habitat for pests to take up residence. If fallen leaves are not tended to, lawn insects and even rodents may take shelter under them (and could even look to find a way into your home).

Clearing the leaves is really important when it comes to maintaining the health of your property.

2. The Best Way to Clean Up Leaves is Periodically (Not All at Once)

We find that some homeowners attempt to clean up leaves all at once. They see that they still have trees with leaves that haven’t fallen, so they wait. Instead of using up their weekends, they plan to do just one big cleanup.

But for the reasons we mentioned above, this can be a big mistake. While you’re waiting for the leaves to fall, you could be causing damage to your lawn and inviting pests onto your property with the ones just sitting there. You’ll also likely frustrate your neighbors as your leaves blow around and create a big eyesore.

It’s important to have leaves cleaned up over time.

At Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape, we come out every 2 to 3 weeks for our professional leaf cleanup service. This is usually 3 visits during the course of the season and for most homeowners, that covers it. However, if you have a property with a lot of trees, we can create a schedule that includes more visits.

3. Leaf Cleanup is Cheaper Than Trips to the Chiropractor

One of the reasons why you might not have considered professional leaf cleanup services in Alexandria, Arlington, or Springfield, VA in the past is because you assume the leaf cleanup cost is too much. You figure you can just perform this service yourself and save the money.

But you have to weigh the cost vs. value in this case.

The fact is, leaf cleanup is laborious work that can lead to serious back pain. Homeowners have shared stories of throwing their back out raking the leaves and having to pay for trips to the chiropractor.

By investing in a professional service, you eliminate that risk of getting hurt. Of course, you also reduce the hassles and headaches associated with leaf cleanup. We have yet to find anyone who enjoys raking leaves. Whereas people say that gardening is therapeutic, raking is just one of those tasks that has to get done. But when you hand it over to a professional, it’s one less thing on your plate for what isn’t all that much of an investment.

4. Leaf Removal Services in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA With Haul-Away Hassles

Of course, after you’ve finished all the laborious raking, you still have to handle leaf removal. If you’re handling your own leaf cleanup, then you also have to figure out what to do with the leaves you’ve cleared.

This is a huge value add of hiring a leaf removal service. We handle leaf removal, too.
Fall leaves that need cleaning up
That means you no longer have to rake leaves into garbage bags and drag them to the curb! This has always been one of the biggest hassles associated with this task. But we come in and clean them up and then haul them away, too.

People also love to know that we’re not sending your leaves to a landfill where they’re taking up room and just sitting there. We have an environmentally friendly program in which we recycle those leaves into composting in order to reuse them.

We love that many of our clients care about the ways in which we aim to be an eco-friendly company.

5. Headache-Free Scheduling

One of the things that people like about our leaf removal services is the fact that it’s one less thing on their minds. They don’t have to remember to call up and schedule an appointment after the leaves are already falling and starting to wreak havoc. We don’t offer one-time leaf removal, it’s part of a plan. But homeowners find that benefits them by reducing scheduling headaches.

Once you’re on our plan, you’re on our schedule.

That reliability is important to people. They don’t want to have to remember to call a service and get a cleanup scheduled. We just come, like clockwork, and that helps take away your worries.

Choosing Leaf Cleanup Services in Alexandria, Arlington, or Springfield, VA

Keeping your property looking its best is no simple feat and there’s no doubt that falling leaves can work against your efforts. Just when you feel like you have your property looking neat and tidy, even more leaves begin to fall.

It can truly feel never-ending.

You only have so much free time and you might feel as though you’re spending all of it working in your yard.

That’s why choosing professional leaf removal services can be a wise choice that will help you take back your weekends, protect your lawn’s health (and your back!), and keep your property looking fantastic. You’ll eliminate your burdens and gain peace of mind that your property is going to look its best.

If you’d like to stop worrying about leaf cleanup and are ready to hand your problems over to a company you can count on, request your quote and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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Krisjan Berzins - Owner, CEO

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