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Pay Your Bill

Important Account Changes Coming Your Way!

We're excited to announce some important changes that will lead to a better customer experience for you!

Change is good, but it can be confusing. We want to make this clear and easy for you. 

  • No More Paper Invoices:  Effectively Nov. 4, 2022, all invoices will be sent to your email address. If you would like to verify the email we have on file, you can email us.
  • Client Portal Invitation: You will be receiving an email invitation to our new customer portal. Be on the lookout! You must accept this to access your invoices and make payment.
  • Accessing Your Account:  Once you have received and accepted the client portal invitation, you'll be able to access it with this link.

Access Client Portal

Stay tuned for more info as we rollout other Client Portal features in the coming months!