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Your kids (including those furry, four-legged family members) and their safety are your number one priority. That’s why you might be worrying about fleas and ticks that could be lurking in your yard.

You know that both fleas and ticks can carry and transmit dangerous viruses to both your pets and your children if they are bit.

For these reasons, you might be looking into treating the lawn for fleas and ticks.

Of course, that might have you wondering whether you’re trading one risk for another.

Is flea and tick yard treatment safe? The last thing that you’d want is to apply an unsafe product when you’re just trying to protect your family. You want to feel confident that any products applied aren’t going to put your kids or pets at risk.

In this article, we’ll talk about the safety of a yard treatment for fleas and ticks in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA. We believe you deserve to have a good understanding of what you’re investing in and whether there is any cause for concern.

Is Flea and Tick Yard Treatment Safe for Kids and Pets?

A big factor in the safety of any yard treatment comes down to the products being used. Ultimately, a program is only as safe as its products.

While we can’t speak for what other pest control companies in Northern Virginia are using, we can tell you that treating the lawn for fleas and ticks with Kingstowne Pest Defense is safe because of our products. They are both safe and natural.

pest control technician sprays for fleas and ticks

In fact, many homeowners are often surprised that one of the main ingredients in our flea and tick spray is concentrated garlic oil. We like to joke that just like it is famously known to repel blood-sucking vampires, it also works on blood-sucking fleas and ticks!

However, because we do use such a safe product, the frequency of applications is important.

You’ll find that we often come out more frequently than other companies. Using natural products does mean that their potency does not last as long. Companies that use synthetic materials can come out less often.

homeowner plays with dog outside

At Kingstowne Pest Defense, we have taken the stance that we would rather come out more frequently and use safe products than use a more potent product requiring fewer applications. We have found that the vast majority of our clients agree.

What About DIY Flea and Tick Control?

Your safety concerns over having a pet safe flea and tick yard treatment might have led you to consider a DIY approach.

home owner looks at diy pest control products

But we often find that people are sorely disappointed when they choose this path for a few key reasons. Here are some important points of consideration.

  • For one, there’s going to be product-handling that you may not feel comfortable with (even if it’s a safe product). When you take a DIY approach, you now have to handle the application and storage of the products. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right personal protection equipment for application and mixing, if needed. Even with a safe product, there can be safety concerns for usage.

  • Another big problem with going this route is that store-bought products are not as effective as professional-grade ones. You’re much more likely to get subpar results and continue to deal with flea and tick trouble.

  • Finally, it can also be a lot of work. As we mentioned, if you are using a safe product, it might require repeated applications. Now you are talking about taking up multiple weekends or free time.

At the end of the day, it just makes a lot more sense to work with a pro.

It’s also worth noting that our pest control technicians are highly trained to be handling and applying product. Plus, they know exactly where to spray the product in order to be the most effective.

What Else Will Keep Fleas and Ticks Out of My Yard?

We absolutely understand the worries about fleas and ticks. These pests can be a legitimate risk to your family.

pest control expert sprays for mosquitoes

That’s why we also take the time to educate homeowners about other ways to keep fleas and ticks out of their yard. The application of a pet safe flea and tick yard treatment is certainly one important step but you can take other precautions as well. The article linked above will have more details but here’s a quick overview:

  • Clear tall grasses and brush. These are prime habitats for pests so keeping tall grasses and brush trimmed is important.

  • Keep your yard clear of debris. Any debris in and around your yard becomes a hiding spot for pests (including rodents and other wildlife that might be carrying fleas and ticks).

  • Keep your woodpile maintained. Woodpiles definitely become a prime hang-out spot for rodents like mice and voles. Since these creatures are often the host to fleas and ticks, anything you can do to keep rodents out of your yard will also help with keeping fleas and ticks away.

Working with a Pro When Treating a Lawn for Fleas and Ticks in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA

If you truly want to get the best results and to protect your family from danger, then working with a professional is the way to go.

By making that investment, you can gain valuable peace of mind that these dangerous pests are no longer a threat—and that you’ve made no compromises to your family’s safety by choosing a company that uses safe products.

At Kingstowne Pest Defense, it’s an added benefit that the same spray we use for fleas and ticks works on mosquitoes, too. Since mosquitoes also pose a risk to your family, it’s beneficial that they can also be addressed at the same time.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about the nuisance and dangers of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, request a quote, get your customized plan, and sit back and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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Krisjan Berzins - Owner, CEO

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