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3 Things to Expect During Your First Outdoor Pest Control Visit

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Nothing puts a damper on enjoying time outside like ticks.

Unfortunately, here in Northern Virginia, ticks are a common problem. You know that these pests can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets, due to their ability to carry and transmit deadly diseases. We understand that it can be unsettling to worry that ticks are lurking in your own yard.

For that reason, you want to know how to keep ticks out of your yard in Northern Virginia.

After all, you deserve peace of mind when you’re enjoying time on your own property, right? That’s why we’ve rounded up these great tips to keep ticks out of your yard.

While nothing is 100-percent foolproof (and anyone that claims it is, is making a promise that they can’t keep), there are ways to drastically reduce the population of ticks on your property as well as ways to keep yourself and your family safe.

Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard

If you’re wondering what keeps ticks out of yards, then we want to share some helpful tips. We understand that the thought of dangerous pests lurking around your property can be stressful.

But here are some ways to take back control and limit the populations of ticks around your home.

1. Clear Tall Grasses and Brush

One of the ways to keep ticks out of your yard is to get rid of the type of habitat that they like to live in. Ticks love to hide in tall grasses and brush, so keeping lawns mowed regularly and getting rid of any overgrowth in your landscape can make a difference in deterring these pests.

maintenance crew clean up grasses and brush and put in wheelbarrow

You particularly need to be aware of the areas of your property that might border a wooded area as these will be hot spots. For that reason, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends creating a three-foot-wide barrier of wood chips or gravel in between lawns and wooded areas (as well as around patios and playgrounds) so that tick migration is restricted.

You’ll also want to consider where you have recreation areas like patios, decks, or playgrounds located. Whenever possible, it’s ideal to keep these away from the yard edge, particularly if you live on wooded property.

2. Keep Your Yard Clear of Debris

Since ticks love hiding out, clearing up any debris on and around your property can also make an impact.

Remove any trash that might have blown into the yard and pick up sticks and leaves that are lingering. The idea is to get rid of those potential hiding spots where ticks could be lurking.

landscape maintenance team rake leaves out of landscape bed

Along with all that, pay attention to any debris or leaves that may have blown into your plant beds and gotten tangled up and “stuck” there. You’ll also want to keep shrubs and bushes well-pruned in these beds.

While a lot of people like groundcover, that’s also been known to be a tick hide-out. If you have a property that is prone to ticks, you might want to consider options besides using groundcover.

3. Keep Your Woodpile Maintained

When it comes to how to keep ticks out of your yard, it’s important to remember that these pests are constantly in search of their next host (or “meal.”). Because of that, oftentimes, they are feeding on rodents like mice or voles.

That means anything that you do to discourage rodents from hanging around on your property will also deter ticks.

Oftentimes, woodpiles become a prime hang-out spot for rodents. An uncovered woodpile provides all of the things that rodents are in search of—shelter, water, and food (insects and grubs).

An un-tended-to woodpile can easily become home to multiple rodent nests.

But you can help to keep rodents out of your woodpile simply by covering it. Just be sure that you’re keeping airflow available to the wood. Also, choose a dry area and be sure to neatly stack the wood. The goal is to try to limit big gaps or cracks where rodents can build a nest.

As much as people like having wood close to their home, it’s best to choose an area that isn’t right up against the house whenever possible. This could increase the likelihood of pests making their way inside if they are already hanging out in your woodpile.

4. Have Your Yard Treated with Tick Control

Finally, one of the best ways to keep ticks out of your yard is to have your property professionally treated with a tick control product. Professionally sprayed tick control products can safely keep these dangerous pests away.

pest control team sprays for ticks

At Kingstowne, our approach to tick control is different from other companies in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA in that we actually bundle mosquito, flea, and tick control altogether as one service plan. Along with the mosquito, flea, and tick control program, our lawn care program has a treatment that reduces tick populations

That gives you a lot of value out of your investment in tick control.

It just so happens that the same areas where mosquitoes thrive are where fleas and ticks thrive, as well. Instead of ripping you off with an extra bill for mosquito control in the same area, with the same material, we lump it all together to ensure you’re fully covered.

pest control technician sprays bushes for ticks

We know that some homeowners ask about store-bought products or even DIY remedies for tick control, but we’ve written an article on why going that route is probably not the best idea. These types of solutions are simply not going to stack up to a professional-grade product applied by highly trained technicians. You’ll likely end up disappointed and feeling as though you did not get the results that you desired.

In comparing DIY flea and tick spray to using a professional, the cost is often one of the biggest considerations—and probably also the reason you would even think of performing this service on your own.

However, most people find that professional pest control is not as much money as they thought it’d be. And when you start to factor in purchasing tick control products, buying a sprayer, and making trips to the store, you realize even the DIY approach can start to add up in cost.

Plus, there’s no guarantee it’s going to work.

If you’re serious about having your yard protected from these dangerous pests, it is worth investing in a pro.

Working with a Professional Pest Control Service in Northern Virginia

As you might have guessed, your options are varied when it comes to choosing a professional pest control service.

Here in Northern Virginia, there are a lot of companies offering this type of service. But you want to find a company that can deliver peace of mind so that you know your family is in good hands.

At Kingstowne, we have highly trained technicians who use professional-grade, highly effective products. They know exactly the right amount of product to apply and where to apply it so that you can feel confident you’re getting the best possible protection in a safe way.

Plus, as we mentioned, it’s an added bonus that our program also addresses fleas and mosquitoes, two additional dangerous pests that you don’t want lurking around your home.

While the thought of pests hanging around on your property can be a source of major stress, it doesn’t have to be. By making smart choices and taking steps toward protecting your family, you no longer have to let these pests ruin your time outside.

After all, you should never feel as though you have to choose between spending time outdoors and risking your family’s health and wellbeing. By investing in professional pest control, you can finally feel like you’re getting your yard back.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about the danger of ticks (and fleas and mosquitoes) lurking in your yard in Alexandria, Arlington, or Springfield, VA, request a quote, get your customized plan, and sit back and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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