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Summer Pruning: Plant Identification & Pruning Techniques for Safe Warm-Weather Plant Care

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weeds in a thin lawn with dog and owner in the background

Are Traditional Lawn Care Programs as Safe as Organic Lawn Care Methods?

If you’re in the process of researching lawn care programs, you might be wondering about organic lawn care. The trouble is, this is one of those hot topics that tends to ...

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red thread lawn disease

3 Types of Lawn Fungus in Virginia and What To Do About Them

If you’re someone who cares about their lawn, then you want it to continue to look and perform its best. But various lawn diseases often stand in your way of having the best ...

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a landscaped front yard with a large shade tree, groundcover planting bed and fallen leaves

How Warm Winters Affect Your Northern VA Landscape (& Identifying Damage)

Lately, we’ve had more mild winters than we have had harsh ones. As the climate trends toward being warmer, this can lead to other changes around us that are important to ...

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lawn care technician applying granular fertilizer to a lawn with a spreader

How Winterizer Fertilizer & Granular Lime Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter is an important task. If you’re working with a professional lawn care provider, then they should be helping to set you up for success in the ...

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landscape maintenance technicians clearing weeds and debris from a foundation planting bed

Landscape Maintenance vs. Lawn Care: What’s The Difference?

Both your lawn and your landscape are critical components of your Northern Virginia property. Your lawn is the stage on which you enjoy life’s outdoor memories. You want it ...

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lawn care expert inspects lawn for grubs

3 Signs of Grubs in Your Lawn & How to Treat Them: Tips For Virginia Homeowners

Some lawn problems are easily noticeable and diagnosed. However, other problems, like lawn grubs in Virginia lawns, can be occurring right under your nose without you even ...

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lawn care expert sprays grass

3 Important Tips to Watering After a Lawn Treatment

At Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape, we have always said that great lawns come from our partnerships with homeowners. While we provide vital lawn care services that help to grow ...

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lawn care expert inspects turf

Spring Lawn Care Checklist for Northern Virginia Homeowners

As your lawn comes out of winter dormancy and begins to green up (and grow) quickly, you might be wondering what spring lawn care needs will arise. The steps that you take for ...

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healthy grass after topdressing

What is Topdressing a Lawn and Why is it Important?

If you’ve never heard of topdressing before it might sound like something you would wear over your clothes…or maybe something that you put on the top of your salad.

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TruGreen vs. Kingstowne: 2 Lawn Care Services in Alexandria, Arlington, & Springfield, VA

A great lawn doesn’t just happen. You know that it can take a lot of work to achieve the lush, green lawn that you desire which is why you’re ...

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lawn aeration plugs laying in grass with grass seed

Lawn Aeration, Seeding, & Topdressing: Everything You Need to Know

All lawn services are important. Everything from lawn fertilization to weed control to proper mowing all goes into ...

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lawn care spraying lawn for weeds

Maintaining Your Landscape: The All-Inclusive Cheat Sheet

Maintaining a landscape is no simple feat as there is so much involved. But these are important tasks not only for your own enjoyment and pleasure but also to maintain the ...

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