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Outdoor Living Design: 6 Modern Outdoor Elements to Set Your Next Project Apart

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landscape maintenance technician hand-pruning shrubs in a foundation planting bed

Summer Pruning: Plant Identification & Pruning Techniques for Safe Warm-Weather Plant Care

Pruning plants is one of those landscape tasks that seem relatively simple on the surface. And while it’s certainly not rocket science, there is a bit more complexity to it ...

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weeds in a thin lawn with dog and owner in the background

Are Traditional Lawn Care Programs as Safe as Organic Lawn Care Methods?

If you’re in the process of researching lawn care programs, you might be wondering about organic lawn care. The trouble is, this is one of those hot topics that tends to ...

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a landscaped front yard with a large shade tree, groundcover planting bed and fallen leaves

How Warm Winters Affect Your Northern VA Landscape (& Identifying Damage)

Lately, we’ve had more mild winters than we have had harsh ones. As the climate trends toward being warmer, this can lead to other changes around us that are important to ...

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lawn care technician applying granular fertilizer to a lawn with a spreader

How Winterizer Fertilizer & Granular Lime Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Preparing your lawn for winter is an important task. If you’re working with a professional lawn care provider, then they should be helping to set you up for success in the ...

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landscape maintenance technician pruning a juniper evergreen shrub

How Dormant Pruning Benefits Plants in Winter and Prepares Your Landscape for Spring

Caring for your ornamental trees and shrubs can sometimes feel like a lot of work. While you understand that a well-landscaped home will help contribute to your property’s ...

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landscape maintenance technicians clearing weeds and debris from a foundation planting bed

Landscape Maintenance vs. Lawn Care: What’s The Difference?

Both your lawn and your landscape are critical components of your Northern Virginia property. Your lawn is the stage on which you enjoy life’s outdoor memories. You want it ...

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landscape maintenance account manager and technician inspecting garden plants for signs of pest and plant disease

Essential Tree & Shrub Care Tips for Northern Virginia Homeowners

Trees and shrubs add so much to your Northern Virginia property. A well-landscaped home is known to contribute tangibly to your property’s value while also providing you with ...

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residential landscape maintenance account manager and customer inspecting a planting bed and lawn area

Landscape Maintenance Case Study: Investing in Property Value & Enjoyment

Landscape maintenance might not be the most sexy or exciting part of caring for a property, but it’s one of the most important.

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anthracnose tree disease on Dogwood

12 Tree Problems in Virginia: Diseases, Insects, Mites, & More

You love the trees and shrubs on your property for the many different benefits that they provide. From shade to beauty to even sentimental value, your plants are ...

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Landscape maintenance professionals weeding

How Routine Landscape Maintenance Saves You Money and Aggravation

Maintaining your landscape is a lot of work.

If you’ve ever tried to tackle any of your property’s landscape maintenance tasks on your own, then you likely know it’s a ...

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Flower garden with no weeds

How to Stop Weeds From Growing in Your Flower Beds in Northern Virginia

Your landscape beds are meant to add aesthetic appeal and enjoyment to your Northern Virginia home. But weeds creeping into those beds can really start to damage the overall ...

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best landscaping companies Alexandria

4 Best Landscaping Companies in Alexandria, Arlington, & Springfield, VA (An Honest Review)

If you are looking to have any sort of landscaping work completed, choosing amongst the many landscaping companies in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA is no simple ...

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