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6 Ornamental Trees That are Safe to Plant Near Your Home's Foundation

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Maintaining your landscape is a lot of work.

If you’ve ever tried to tackle any of your property’s landscape maintenance tasks on your own, then you likely know it’s a bit overwhelming! You could spend a whole weekend tidying up your yard only to be back at it just a few short weeks later. As a living and growing thing, your property needs constant care.

That’s why handing those routine landscape maintenance chores over to a pro makes a whole lot of sense. We know that it’s difficult to pay someone else to do something you know how to do yourself…but you have to remember your time is worth something!

Plus, in the long run, you can actually save money by keeping your landscape in good shape.

Let’s look at a few reasons why routine landscape maintenance is worth the investment…and can ultimately save you both money and aggravation.

Routine Landscape Maintenance Helps to Maintain Your Curb Appeal (and in Turn, Home Value)

Overgrown bushes, weeds, and yard debris can all make your property start to look messy in little to no time at all. That’s why we believe strongly in what we call “proactive landscaping.” It’s all about getting ahead of things so that your yard never gets to the point where it looks like a mess.

The trouble is, most landscaping is “reactive,” meaning no action is taken until there’s already a problem. But reactive landscaping harms your home’s curb appeal. And once your yard is already a mess, it can be time-consuming to try and get it back on track. You might even have to put up with the mess for a while (until you can get on a landscaper’s schedule).

neat lawn with well maintained plantings

This is why monthly landscape maintenance is such a better approach. You won’t have to put up with poor aesthetics or even be embarrassed about the state of your property. That’s beneficial to your home’s value.

As you know, your home value is directly tied to curb appeal.

Routine Landscape Maintenance Prevents Ongoing Aggravation (and Major Headaches)

The longer that you let your landscape go, the more work it ultimately becomes. But if you just keep up with monthly landscape maintenance then you can avoid a lot of major problems.

The truth is, the longer your landscape is “let go,” the more it might be suffering. People often don’t realize that an unkempt landscape doesn’t just look bad. It’s likely quite unhealthy, too.

landscape maintenance team weeds bed near tree

For instance, if weeds are already running rampant because there hasn’t been any weeding performed, your plants have already been trying to compete with those weeds for the same access to sunlight, nutrients, and water. Those weeds (which are growing and spreading the whole time they’re ignored) can hurt the health of your plants.

In addition, pruning or trimming shrubs is a service that is best-performed on an ongoing basis for the sake of your plants’ health.

Shrubs grow thicker when you prune more regularly. Frequently making slight “injuries” to the plant forces it to put energy into growing (to recover). This in turn, helps thicken your shrubs. But when you come along and perform one massive prune on a shrub that’s terribly overgrown, those injuries are more significant to the shrub and more difficult for it to recover from.

landscape maintenance team trims shrubs

Another benefit to keeping up with pruning regularly is that it helps keep your plants looking more natural and less obvious that they’ve been pruned. It’s a lot like getting a haircut. You don’t necessarily want some drastic difference. You’d rather maintain the look you love.

If you make the effort to keep up with landscaping tasks in the short-term, it really does pay off in the long run. You can prevent some major hassles and headaches.

Routine Landscape Maintenance Saves You Money

A big problem with reactive landscaping is that it can be costly for a couple of reasons.

For one, when you allow your landscape to get overgrown and cause potential harm, you run the risk of losing some of that plant material which has gone uncared for. Now, you’ll have to think about replacing it, which means paying for new plants and installation.

landscape maintenance team rakes landscape bed filled with weeds

That will end up being a lot more expensive than if you had just invested in caring for the plants in the first place.

t can also be more costly to call a landscape professional to come in and do one massive landscaping clean-up as opposed to paying a smaller fee over time for your landscaper to just keep up with services like weeding and pruning shrubs.

You have to also think that with that investment you’re gaining peace of mind and you are reducing stress. You can rest assured that your landscape will continue to look good. You don’t have to remember to make a call or schedule a visit. It’s just taken care of.

Partner with a Landscape Professional and Let Go of All Your Worries

There’s no doubt that keeping up with routine landscape maintenance is a wise long-term investment both in terms of time and money. But that doesn’t mean that you feel like spending all of your free time handling these tasks. You might not even be entirely clear on how to maintain landscaping.

For many reasons, you might be looking to hand these services over to a pro.

One of the best ways to truly let go of the aggravation involved in caring for your property is to invest in professional landscape maintenance services in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA.

At Kingstowne we provide pruning plans, weeding plans, and mulching plans. These landscape maintenance services will not only ensure that you have a great looking Northern Virginia property that is healthy for the long-run, but it will remove the burden from your plate.

Your property is going to continue to look and perform its best for years to come—and that’s a protection of your investment. No longer will you have to be embarrassed by an overgrown mess sneaking up on you. Instead, you’ll always be able to proudly show off your property.

Are you ready to ditch the worries associated with pruning and weeding at your property in Alexandria, Arlington, or Springfield, VA? Request a quote, get your customized plan, and relax while you receive the royal treatment.

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