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If you’re finding spider webs on the outside of your house you might be feeling pretty creeped out. After all, you know that those webs mean that eight-legged arachnids are lurking nearby—and that may be pretty unsettling.

It’s also unsightly. Unless it’s Halloween and decorating the house, you probably don’t want to find spider webs on your siding, lights, or anywhere else around your home.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions to get rid of spider webs and prevent them from coming back.

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Dealing with Spider Webs Outside Your House

There’s no question that spiders get a bad rap as they’re actually a beneficial pest in nature. Spiders control pesky insects by capturing and eating them. This even includes ticks and mosquitoes, 2 of the most hated pests you might find hanging around your property. 

That being said, we recognize that people don’t want spiders too close to their home and don't want to see cob webs on their home's exterior. Common hiding spots for spiders include on and around the porch, the roof, in gutters, in garages, within plantings around your home, and around the foundation. When lurking in these spots, it’s not uncommon for spiders to eventually make their way into your home, where they’re really not wanted. 

While most “house spiders” that you’ll find have made their way inside your home pose no major threats, they can begin to multiply over time. Spider mating can occur at any time of year which means one spider can quickly become many.

Spraying the House to Get Rid of Spiders

Since you’re serious about keeping spiders away from your house, spraying the home for spiders is incredibly effective.

When you think of pests or keeping spiders away, you might automatically think of an exterminator. But a better solution is working with a pest control company that handles exterior services such as perimeter pest control. That’s because you want to address pests where they reside—before they even get the chance to become unwelcome house guests. 

pest control spraying to prevent spiders

In other words, you want to prevent spider webs, rather than remove the spider webs.

The benefit of spraying for spiders is that it not only takes care of spiders but other unwanted pests including ants, centipedes, millipedes, billbugs, and more. Even if spiders tend to creep you out the most, you probably don’t want other invaders making their way in, either.

Getting Rid of Cobwebs and Taking Other Preventative Measures

Beyond spraying your home for spiders, Kingstowne pest control goes a step further and uses a duster to wipe off spider webs where homeowners can’t typically reach them. The duster contains product on it so that spiders do not return to make another web, either. 

This is an added step to discourage these eight-legged creatures from hanging about (literally) at your home.

Here are a few extra tips to reduce spider webs on your home's exterior.

Clean Up Your Landscape to Prevent Spiders

Trimming overgrown trees and shrubs at least 3 feet from your home can be helpful in preventing spider webs. You’ll also want to be careful of using too much mulch (more than 3”) near the foundation, because it can provide an ideal harborage for pests.

Keeping your yard free of clutter and overgrowth can also go a long way in discouraging outdoor hiding places (from which spiders then start to make their way inside). This means keeping your flower beds clean and weed-free, mowing your lawn regularly, and keeping up with the shrub trimming we mentioned.

Get Rid of Other Pests

You should also recognize that other pests are likely drawing spiders to your home in the first place so anything you can do to discourage other pests is also going to reduce the spiders. If you have a porch light on all of the time and that naturally draws in a lot of flying pests, there’s a good chance spiders are lurking nearby, too, trying to capture them in their web.

Seal Up Your Home

In terms of keeping spiders out of the house, keep in mind that spiders (and other pests) are always going to look for the easiest way in. Therefore, be careful to seal all cracks and crevices, even those measuring only an 1/8-inch wide, in the foundation so they won’t provide pests with a “free pass” inside your home. It really doesn’t take much for a tiny spider to squeeze through! You also want to eliminate openings around door frames and windows, and replace torn screens.

Choosing Pest Control in Alexandria, Arlington, and Springfield, VA

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to worry about spider webs outside your home and potentially spiders making their way inside. You should be able to feel confident that you can invest in a program that is going to be effective against spiders (and other pests, too).

Fortunately, there are solutions out there. 

By making a wise choice in pest defense services, you can gain the peace of mind that you’re seeking. That means letting go of your worries and finally being able to enjoy your time to the fullest.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about the nuisance and dangers of pests on your property, request a quote, get your customized plan, and sit back and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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