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Are Traditional Lawn Care Programs as Safe as Organic Lawn Care Methods?

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landscape installation technician installing boxwood shrubs in a northern virginia planting bed

Naturalized Plants: 12 Beneficial Non-Native Species For Your Landscape

Choosing the best plants for your Northern VA property is more than just choosing ones that you think look nice. While a lot of people will just go to a local nursery and pick ...

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nice front yard landscaping with shade trees lawn planting beds

6 Ornamental Trees That are Safe to Plant Near Your Home's Foundation

Adding ornamental trees to your Northern Virginia property can be a great way to boost curb appeal. Ornamental trees add tangible value and aesthetic appeal because they are ...

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landscape designer and installation technician reviewing a landscape

Landscape Design Trends: 7 Outdated Landscaping Features to Replace

Andy Rooney once said that time can feel like a roll of toilet paper. It unrolls faster and faster, the closer you get to the end.

We agree. Sometimes it feels like a ...

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landscape plants along a fence in a small backyard

Landscaping Along Your Fence: Plant Selections & Garden Design for Borders

Privacy on your own property is important to you. For that reason, you might have recently added a fence (or have been considering adding one). A fence can be a game-changer ...

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foundation planting in front of a virginia home

Rooted in Virgnia: Selecting The 10 Best Virginia Native Plants for Your Next Landscape Design Project

Installing plant material is often more complicated than people realize. That’s because homeowners tend to assume it’s merely a matter of picking out some plants that they like ...

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a flooded backyard showing pooled water with trees in reflection

Lawn Flooding: Landscape Drainage Options for Controlling Backyard Water

Is your yard becoming a swampy mess every time it rains? A flooded lawn can lead to turf or landscape damage, water in the basement, and make your yard entirely unusable.

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hardscape patio and retaining wall with lawn furniture and border plantings on a sloped backyard

Functional Landscape Design for Slopes: A Case Study in Alexandria, VA

Getting the most out of your property boils down to maximizing the space that you have available. That was the case for two Alexandria, VA homeowners, who felt their yard was ...

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backyard border planting with rocks and perennials

7 Simple Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Property in Alexandria, VA

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to assume they have to make massive changes to their property to see the benefits. This can sound daunting and lead people to put off making ...

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flagstone patio with stone steps and trees

How Much to Spend on Landscaping: Planning Your Budget

Landscaping can add tremendous value to your home. It not only adds entertainment value, allowing you to enjoy your property more, but it also adds tangible value to your ...

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Fire pit on patio with s'mores

Installing a Backyard Fire Pit in Alexandria, VA: 7 Things to Consider

Picture this—it’s a beautiful night and you’re sitting outside with some of your friends, gathered around your roaring fire pit. Having the fire ...

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retaining wall in lawn

Retaining Walls: Types, Materials, Cost, and Companies in Alexandria and Arlington, VA

If you have slopes on your property then you know they can be a headache. Not only can they leave you with washouts during storms, but can also ...

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Nice patio and landscape in Northern Virginia

The First 3 Steps to Improving Your Landscape in Northern Virginia

So, you want to improve your landscape at your Northern Virginia home but you don’t know where to start?

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