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It can be easy to forget about your gutters while they’re doing the work they’re supposed to. As long as they’re properly collecting and channeling rainwater from your roof, you probably don’t have much reason to think about them.

But when gutters are clogged with leaves and debris and water starts pooling at your home’s foundation or maybe you notice a sudden increase in mosquitoes, then your gutters are not only on your mind but likely a source of major frustration.

That’s why periodic gutter cleaning is so important—so that gutters don’t have to become a worry.

Still, you might be wondering how often to clean gutters—or what month to clean gutters—so that you’re getting the most out of the service. We’re here to answer your questions including how much you can expect gutter cleaning to cost.Kingstowne employee cleaning gutters

Why Clean Gutters?

As we mentioned, cleaning the gutters is important to keep them operating as they should. When gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris, they can overflow during a rainstorm. This is not only an annoyance but a potential threat to your home’s structural integrity.

Water running over your siding or windows can cause damage. And water pooling around the foundation can begin to leak in.

Water that is unable to drain from the gutters during colder months can also lead to ice dams. An ice dam occurs when water cannot properly drain due to a build-up of ice. This can leave water sitting on the roof where it can seep under shingles.

Finally, in addition to damage, clogged gutters can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Why Have Gutters Cleaned Professionally?

You might understand that gutter cleaning is important but be wondering about performing the service yourself.

The main reason that gutter cleaning is best left to the pros is that it’s dangerous. Ladder accidents or falling off of the roof are very serious concerns. And if it’s something that you only perform from time to time, you might not feel very confident in doing this work.

On the flip side, a gutter cleaning professional is trained and skilled both at working on ladders and on the roof.
Gutter cleaning technician in Alexandria, VA
Aside from the risk involved, it’s also a pain. As we mentioned early on, people tend to forget about their gutters until there’s a problem. Suddenly they see water pouring over the edge in the midst of a storm. At that point, it’s an incredibly dangerous time to get up on the roof (while it’s wet). As with anything, it’s always best to be proactive and prevent these types of problems in the first place.

With a gutter cleaning plan, it removes the guesswork.

You don’t even have to call and schedule the service each time. You get on the plan at the beginning of the season and you’re already on the schedule!

How Often is Gutter Cleaning Recommended?

There is no single answer to this question as every property is different. Our gutter cleaning plan includes three visits. These are typically scheduled for the fall, late winter, and late spring.

For many clients, that’s an ideal number. But it all depends on how many trees you have.

For that reason, our plan can also be customized. If you have a property that has a lot of trees, three visits may not be enough. In fact, we have some clients who have us perform three visits in the fall alone because of the large quantity of leaves dropping at this time of year.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

If you’re considering a gutter cleaning plan, you might be wondering what you can expect to pay. There are several major factors that will impact the cost. These are the size of the home, how many stories it has, the linear footage of the gutters, and the complexity of the work.

As an example, if you have a townhome that is four stories high with gutters that are not easy to access, it could potentially end up costing the same as a larger home that only has two or three stories with easily accessible gutters.

Generally speaking, an average range for gutter cleaning for the year is usually somewhere between $400 and $700 annually.

For many homeowners, that is a small price to pay for the damage that can be prevented. If you were to end up with water in your basement because of clogged gutters, it could be a lot more money to fix it than it would have to just have your gutters cleaned.

On top of that, you get the convenience of being on a plan where the work is scheduled for you. That means instead of forgetting to call and schedule your gutter cleaning when a problem arises, it will be taken care of proactively. This can save you time, money, and aggravation.gutter cleaning service

Gain Peace of Mind with Gutter Cleaning

At the end of the day, one of the biggest things that you are investing in with gutter cleaning is peace of mind. Instead of having to worry the next time that a storm rolls around, you can feel confident that your gutters have already been taken care of. Plus, regular gutter cleaning will not only prevent potential structural problems, it will also have an impact on reducing the mosquito population on and around your property.

By making a wise choice and investing in professional gutter cleaning, you reap all of the benefits and let go of the worries.

If you’re ready to hand over the worries associated with gutter cleaning, request a quote, get your customized plan, and sit back and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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