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Everything You Need to Know About Perimeter Pest Control

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When it comes to enjoying time outside, mosquitoes can be a major problem. These potentially disease-carrying pests can cause you both worry and frustration that literally keep you from fully embracing the outdoors (even in your own backyard!).

But you deserve to be able to enjoy your own property without worrying.

For that reason, you might be considering mosquito control services in Alexandria, Arlington, & Springfield, VA. You want to be able to effectively deal with mosquitoes so that you can get back to spending time outside.
If you’re exploring this option, you might have some questions about mosquito control services.

We get it! In fact, we commend you for wanting to be an educated consumer and make a wise choice. We are often asked questions about the mosquito control service that we offer.

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To make things easy on you, we’ve rounded up a list of FAQs about mosquito control services, along with the answers you’re looking for. While we’re speaking specifically about Kingstowne Pest Defense’s services, in this case, this should be a good starting point for your research.

FAQs About Mosquito Control Services

The following is the list of questions about mosquito control services that we receive most often. If you have a question that is not on here, please know that you can always reach out. We want to be a helpful resource to you.

1. Is Mosquito Control Safe if I Have Kids or Pets?

By far, one of the questions about mosquito control services that we receive most often is about safety. We understand that your family’s safety (including your four-legged, furry members) is your utmost priority.

man with dog on lawn

While we cannot speak to all mosquito control services in Alexandria, Arlington, & Springfield, VA you should know that our products are primarily made from organic materials.

To be diligent, we do request that you keep kids and pets inside while we spray the product. But as soon as it dries (in about 20 minutes), it’s completely safe for pets and kids. It is non-toxic and we are specifically using products that are top-of-the-line and rigorously tested.

2. What Mosquito Control Products Do You Use?

That first question is often followed up by asking more specifically about what products are used.

At Kingstowne Pest Defense, we are using a concentrated garlic solution. We like to joke that it works on blood-sucking vampires so, of course, it would work on blood-sucking mosquitoes, too.

pest control team sprays for mosquitoes

We do put a low-dose larvacide in there that is specifically targeting mosquito larvae. That’s all part of our effort to be as proactive as possible in preventing mosquitoes before they are a major problem.

3. Will Rain Wash it Away?

Of the questions about mosquito control services homeowners also want to know whether these products will hold up to the weather.

The products that we use are designed to last through the elements including rain and wind. They dry quickly and once the product is dry it is set.

pest control team sprays for mosquitoes

We are always closely monitoring the weather to attempt to avoid pop-up rain showers that might occur during our application process. The goal is to give the product that 20 minutes that it needs to dry. Realistically, in the heat of the summer, that dry time might be even faster.

4. How Long Will The Mosquito Control Product Last?

The mosquito control product that we apply will last 25 to 30 days. We typically perform nine treatments so that we’re keeping your property protected.

pest control technician sprays bushes for mosquitoes

There are certainly companies that perform a lot less but that might be due to the fact that they have a more potent chemical. In order not to have any questions about safety but to still prevent breakthrough, we do need to perform regular treatments.

5. Do I Really Need All 9 Treatments? And, Why Are You Treating in March When There Don’t Seem to be Mosquitoes?

When homeowners start doing their research (which we love), they sometimes ask us if they really need all 9 of those treatments when other companies are suggesting less.

For one, as we mentioned above, those companies could be using more potent products that are perhaps designed to last longer (though may cause some homeowners to question the safety of the product).

But the other reason that we are treating mosquitoes from March all the way through to November, is that we are truly covering the full mosquito season. We know there are programs that start later or end earlier but we are serious about making sure you’re fully covered from this dangerous pest.

pest control technician spraying bushes for mosquitoes

In March, there may appear to be no mosquitoes in sight. But what most people don’t realize is that there are multiple generations of mosquitoes that will be present in your yard from spring to fall and that the first generation is starting to breed in March.

Our goal is to stay ahead of these generations.

In the early spring, we are using professional-grade products that target the larval stage. While it is impossible to prevent mosquitoes completely, we are trying to prevent as many as possible.

The truth is, you don’t really want to wait until mosquitoes are a major problem to begin treating. At this point, it’s too difficult to ever fully catch up.

6. Can I Just Perform Yard Mosquito Control Myself?

With so many DIY mosquito control products out there, it’s not surprising that we get questions about mosquito control services that have to do with a DIY approach. Why should you pay a pro if you can do it on your own, with store-bought products?

The truth is that store-bought products are never going to be able to stand up to the professional-grade products used by a pest control technician. And in addition to the product itself, you’ll also need equipment to perform the applications. This is not an inexpensive purchase. A good-quality backpack blower sprayer might cost you $600 or more.

You could settle for a cheap pump-up sprayer but a backpack blower is the best way to apply the product if you want to be effective in getting material on the undersides and interior areas where mosquitoes often hideout.

It’s also worth noting that our pest control technicians are highly trained to be handling and applying products. Plus, they know exactly where to spray the product in order to be the most effective.

Choosing Mosquito control services in Alexandria, Arlington, & Springfield, VA

Hopefully, these FAQs about mosquito control services have started to provide you with some insight and help with your research. As we stated at the beginning, we really do appreciate a homeowner who wants to understand what they’re investing in.

We understand that when it comes to mosquito control, you have different options (some better than others). We want you to be able to make a wise choice that is rooted in knowledge.

mosquito control technician spraying while family sits on patio

That’s why we’re also always here to help. If you have any questions about mosquito control services that were not answered here, you are always welcome to reach out. We love the opportunity to provide honest and transparent information that will help you to make a wise choice.

After all, mosquitoes are a big deal and as we said at the beginning, we don’t want you to have to keep worrying about them.

By making an investment in professional mosquito control, you can gain valuable peace of mind that these dangerous pests are no longer such a threat.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about mosquitoes, request a quote, get your customized plan, and then sit back and relax as you get the royal treatment.

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