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Lawn Care

Your lawn is the carpet of your outdoor space. That’s why you want to keep it lush, green, and healthy with lawn care in Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, VA and surrounding areas. Of course, you don’t want your desire for a green lawn to be at the expense of the safety of your family, your pets, or the environment. You want a program that is safe but still gets great results.

Earth-Friendly Lawn Care in Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, VA and surrounding areas

By choosing the Kingstowne Earth-Friendly Lawn Care Program, you don’t have to sacrifice good results. We work with an accomplished Agronomist and Turf Scientist to ensure that our methods are both earth-friendly and effective.

Instead of just spraying the whole lawn, as many lawn care companies do in order to move on quickly, we take our time to spot treat with four treatments of weed control. We also apply a “pollinator safe” grub control treatment, perform soil testing, and apply limestone based upon soil test results. In addition, our lawn care program includes five fertilizer treatments applied throughout the growing season to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive.

An overview of our lawn care program:

Start and stop dates of treatments may vary according to weather.

Treatment #1 (February 15 – April 1)
Grassy Weed Preventer with Organic Fertilizer

Treatment #2 (April 2 – May 1)
Broadleaf Weed Control (spot treatment)

Treatment #3 & #4 (May 1 – June 14)
Fertilizer with Organics and Broadleaf Weed Control (spot treatment)

**(two treatments applied during this visit)

Treatment #5 & #6 (June 15 – July 15)
Summer Fertilizer and Pollinator Safe Grub Control

**(two treatments applied during this visit)

Treatment #7 (July 16 – August 16)
Soil Testing & Analysis | Broadleaf Weed Control (spot treatment)

Treatment #8 (August 17 – October 15)
Fall Fertilizer with Organics

Treatment #9 (October 16 – November 15)
Winterizer (fertilizer) with Winter Weed Preventer

Treatment #10 (December 16 – January 30)
Limestone Application

Aeration and Overseeding: The Secret to a Great Lawn

In addition to choosing lawn care treatments which will improve your lawn’s color and vitality, choosing professional aeration and overseeding will also help to thicken your lawn and fill in any bare spots.

Aeration and overseeding are actually two of the most valuable services you can perform for you lawn. With the use of a professional core aerator, we perforate the soil which allows more water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate down to your turf’s root zone, where they are needed most. Combined with overseeding, this will help you to grow a thick and healthy lawn. This is a service that we recommend be performed in the fall, when soil conditions are ideal for your grass seed to germinate. This will give your new lawn the best possible start.

Power Seeding:  When overseeding is simply not enough, we offer power seeding, which is a process of cutting rows into the soil and planting our high quality seed. Power seeding is an extremely effective method of filling in bare spots, and turning a spotty lawn into a lush, green carpet.

Topdressing:  One of the reasons natural, professional sports turf looks so great is because of a valuable improvement, topdressing. This involves adding a thin layer of compost and soil to your lawn immediately after an aeration, to improve soil conditions that lead to a more resilient lawn.

(Lawn Care services are available for all of Alexandria, Parts of Arlington, Springfield, VA and surrounding areas)